Solvent Wash-Up Unit for Printers

Solvent Wash Up Unit

Safety Solvent Wash-Up System

Don’t get caught – be Workplace Safety Compliant. All it takes is one complaint!

Fast, Safe Cleaning of Printer Parts and Plates

Washing up printer parts can be a messy, time consuming and dangerous job if you don’t have a good system.  Our fully enclosed and easy to use wash up unit will save you countless hours in wash-up time and protect you and your staff from exposure to solvent fumes and splashes when washing up.  These units have been custom designed for printer wash-up with solvent cleaners and feature;

  • Fully pneumatic pumping system for safe circulation of solvents
  • Static discharge protection and safety circulation cut-off when lid is open
  • Anti splash lid with full fume seal and large glass window for easy use
  • Stainless steel construction with 750mm x 530mm internal wash bay (custom sizes also available)
  • Heavy duty wash brush with teflon feed lines, quality gas struts, height adjustable feet
  • Australian designed and manufactured

Our SolvaWash system is a clean and efficient. Setting-up for the next print job will become quicker and easier, and the solvent recirculation system will reduce waste and evaporation so you get more wash-up out of every drum of cleaner.

Download the brochure; Solvent Wash-Up Unit Information
Download the instructions; Solvent Wash-Up Unit Installation

Gauntlet extension

Glove Extensions

Glove Extensions for your Solva Wash-Up Unit
Gloves and extension come complete with your Solva Wash-Up Unit and are also available as a spare part.  Having a separate glove and gauntlet means;

  • You don’t have to replace full length gloves each time
  • You can adjust the overall reach into the wash-up unit by using more or less of the gauntlet length
  • The generous diameter gauntlet allows more reach, flexibility and a roomy arm fit for most users
PVA Protective Gloves

PVA Protective Gloves

PVA Wash-Up Gloves
PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) protective gloves are one of the only gloves suitable for handling strong organic solvents.  PVA gloves give maximum protection from solvent even with complete immersion, and are;

  • Virtually inert in aromatic and chlorinated solvents
  • A comfortable anatomical glove with pre-curved fingers and winged thumb,
    making it easier to manipulate small printer parts and less tiring to wear
  • Have a soft two-piece knitted liner to cushion the hand and absorbs perspiration
  • Are antistatic according to EN1149, and testing compliant to AS/NZS 2161

PVA gloves are highly effective against organic chemicals, such as chlorinated solvents and aromatic compounds, making them excellent hand protection for your solvent wash-up unit.

700 URT Solva Wash

Solva Wash – Clean Up Solvent

Solva Wash clean up solution for solvent pad and screen printing inks.

The official technical stuff from Printcolor
700-URT is a cleaning agent used to remove one and two component solvent pad and screen printing inks from machinery parts and plates. Solva Wash is formulated for high cleaning efficiency and residue free evaporation of the solvent from clean parts. It free of greasing / residue so that parts can be used again immediately after wash up without further cleaning.

700-URT Solva Wash is free of acid or alkaline materials, does not contain any chlorinated or fluorinated components. Refer to the Technical Information and 700-URT MSDS documents for more details.

What we say about Solva Wash
Solva-Wash is a long lasting wash-up solvent for pad printing machinery and plates. It effectively removes one and two component pad printing ink from ink cups and trays and printing plates without causing corrosion. Solva-Wash is formulated for fast drying off clean parts, but with low evaporation of active agents from the solution, making it effective to longer.

Available in 20L drums.

The good oil from our trade print room

  • We wipe excess ink from printer parts before wash-up. This gives us between two and three months use from each drum of Solva Wash.
  • We use a recirculating parts wash up unit design specifically for washing printer parts with solvent solution. It eliminates splashing, reduces fumes and cuts wash-up time dramatically. We wouldn’t be without our Solva Wash-Up Unit!


Download Safety Data Shet; 700-URT MSDS

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