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Swing Away Heat Presses

The S-Series heat press swing-away table design gives your unobstructed access to the loading station.  Our swing table heat press is not only useful for dye sublimation transfer printing, but are also highly suitable for flock coating and drying of directly printed materials.

These manual heat presses have a good size platen that will produce the constant, even pressure required for quality printing, without fatiguing the operator.  An excellent heat press for start-up businesses, small run or seasonal printers.

Schuster S-Series heat presses - heat press machinery Australia

Schuster SM-54 Heat Press

SM-54 heat press at a glance:

81 (L) x 43 (W) x 47 (H) cm
Heat Platen: 50 (L) x 40 (W) cm

Pressure Generation: manual
Maximum Height of Items:
40 mm
Maximum Heating Power:
2000 W
Temperature: up to 210 °C
Preheating Times: 0-60 seconds
Printing Time: 0-399 seconds
Compressive Force:: 14 kN (1400 kg)
Maximum Printing Pressure: 7 N/cm²
Voltage: 240V (9 A maximum current draw)

Simple and Effective
Schuster swing table heat presses are not only useful for sublimation transfer printing, but are also highly suitable for flock coating and drying of directly printed materials.  A major advantage of the swing away heat press table design is that it achieves the necessary printing pressure with far less power that a clam shell press, making printing easier and more efficient.  The S-Series heat press has a free standing bottom plate with the height adjustment handle within easy reach of the operator.

Safe and Efficient Operation
The heat platen of the SM-54 heat press swings sideways at an angle of 90° when opened.  This enables you to work safely away from the heat source.  Your substrate and transfer paper can be positioned on the open platen without obstruction or exposure to heat emanating from the press.

Like all Schuster presses the SM-54 heat press is manufactured from the highest quality materials and components to ensure long life, cast aluminium plates and non-stick sheet metal, and digital temperature and time control for user friendly operation.

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