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Tips for Pad Printing Stress Toys

Posted on: December 9th, 2012 by Sally No Comments

Stress toys have long been a favourite in the promotional products market.  They are also one of the most asked about items when it comes to ink selection and printing technique.  These are some of the techniques that we have found to reliably produce good prints on stress toys.

When printing stress toys we recommend;

  • A fast drying ink such as Printcolor 382.  It is easy to use, gets good adhesion, and allows print-and-pack production for quick production.
  • Printcolor 792 and is also great to use on stress toys.  Although 792 is a slow drying ink, some printer prefer it for its super high gloss print finish.
  • Stress toys can be contaminated with mould release agent (yellow product particularly), which can affect print adhesion.  Printcolor 382 should adhere within moments of application.  If it doesn’t, wipe the toy with a cloth/glove dampened with metho just before you place it in the printer.  This will remove excess release agents from the surface.
  • We favour a harder pad, with a ‘flatter’ profile (an RO52 for example) to compress the toy fully, ensuring full image transfer for a denser, sharper print.
Happy printing!