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Liquid Laminate

for digital print protection.

EasyProtect is a proven product from leading Swiss ink manufacturer Printcolor. It is a water based, highly flexible liquid laminate for protecting digital inkjet prints against outdoor weathering and wear so they look good for years and years to come. You’re customers will certainly appreciate that!

EasyProtect liquid laminates extend the life of inkjet prints used in demanding applications such as outdoor signage, vehicle wraps and truck-sides, non-slip walkway signs and fine-art prints. EasyProtect liquid laminate protects digital prints against the effects of:

  • UV exposure and weathering; using a proven formula containing UV absorbers (290-380nm) to limit colour fade and HAL-Amines to protect against surface cracking
  • Moisture and humidity; by creating a flexible yet touch water proof barrier
  • Mechanical wear; EasyProtect contains elastic resins for flexibility, elongation and scratch-resistance
  • Dust, dirt and grime; anti-stain and anti-graffiti additives facilitate easy cleaning of the laminated print
  • Alcohol, acid and alkali chemicals and cleaners; EasyProtect is formulated from the highest quality base resins for maximum chemical protection for your print.

Easy to use?

Easy to use? Yes, it really is. EasyProtect can be applied manually with a roller, roll-squeegee, even a brush. It can also be sprayed on, or applied with a roller coating machine. Clean-up is easy too, just wash up with water.
EasyProtect has been designed to be super user friendly, containing unique anti-foam and anti orange-peel agents for a smooth, even surface finish. It also has wetting agents, rheology optimisers, flow agents, and adhesion promoters. In other words, once you slosh it on and spread it out, EasyProtect will look after itself.
Roller application (a common method) is this simple;

1. Stir EasyProtect well, adding the hardener.
2. Pour on and distribute laminate evenly across the print (wetting phase)
3. Use your roller to ‘push’ the laminate over the print surface to achieve
a thick even set film layer (build-up phase)
4. Leave it alone. Application will initially leave an uneven appearance to the wet laminate, including air bubbles and orange-peeling. This will dissipate in the early stage of dry-film formation during the auto levelling phase. Left untouched, the laminate will cure to an even high gloss (or matte, or non-slip) finish. Watch the movie.

EasyProtect is touch dry (at 20-25OC ambient temperature) after approximately three hours, at which time you can move or hang the print for the remaining curing time. The laminate will be fully dry after 48 hours, with final resistance and performance qualities achieved in five to seven days after application. Easy as…..

User friendly formula

EasyProtect liquid laminate and hardener are solvent free and user friendly. Solvent based protection varnishes require spray booths, personal respirators and protective clothing for safe application. Water based EasyProtect can be simply and safely applied under normal workshop conditions. EasyProtect is not classified as dangerous or hazardous and is environmentally friendly.

Range and compatibility

The EasyProtect product range includes one and two component laminates, and an Ecosol specific formula. Finishes include a high gloss and matte surface finish (or mix to achieve a semi-matte finish), as well as a non-slip finish suitable for the production of floor graphics compliant with Australian Standards.
Both the one (Series 480) and two (Series 482) component varnishes are suitable for use with solvent inks, and Series 480-5900 specifically for Ecosol prints. The range of compatible substrates includes (but is not limited to) rigid and soft PVCs, Tyvek, polyolefins, polystyrene, polycarbonate, vinyl, self-adhesive films and board.

Print protection that you and your customers will love!

Increase customer satisfaction AND your profit on every single digital print you sell just by asking… Would you like EasyProtection on that? Your customer will love EasyProtect because it significantly extends the useful life of their billboard, banner, vehicle wrap or art print. You will love EasyProtect because it is economical, safe and easy to use. Your accountant will love EasyProtect because it will expand your sales opportunities and services and improve your bottom line!
EasyProtect is an economical, safe and highly effective method of providing your customers with maximum UV, mechanical and chemical resistance for their banners, truck sides, and all kinds digital inkjet output. The products unique-water based formula makes EasyProtect both price-competitive and safe for your staff and the environment. EasyProtect is an excellent product. It’s safe to use, price-competitive and ensures your digital print always exceeds customer expectations on long term print performance. If you haven’t tried it, you should!

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